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HPV – Human Papillomavirus

At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, located in the prestigious areas of Belgravia and Dulwich, London, we provide comprehensive HPV screening and vaccination services. As a leading provider of sexual health services, we are committed to offering the best protection and care for conditions associated with Human Papillomavirus (HPH), which is known for its role in cervical, throat, and genital cancers, as well as other genital problems.

Understanding HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus with more than 100 types, many of which are sexually transmitted. It is highly prevalent and can be contracted through direct skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity. While most HPV infections do not lead to cancer, persistent infection with high-risk types can lead to cervical cancer among women, as well as other genital and oropharyngeal cancers in both men and women.

Benefits of HPV Screening and Vaccination

  • Early Detection: Regular HPV screening helps detect the presence of high-risk HPV types early before they cause serious health issues.
  • Prevention of Cancers: HPV vaccination effectively prevents the majority of cervical, anal, and other genital cancers.
  • Reduction in HPV Transmission: Vaccination helps reduce the spread of HPV between sexual partners.
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    Our Diagnostic Approach

    Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare employs a meticulous and sensitive approach to HPV screening and vaccination:

    • Expert Medical Staff: Our clinicians are trained in the latest HPV screening techniques and vaccination protocols.
    • Advanced Testing Methods: We use high-precision diagnostic tools to accurately detect the presence and type of HPV.
    • Comprehensive Care Plans: Following screening, we offer personalised advice and treatment plans, including vaccination and follow-up care.

      What to Expect During Your Visit

      • A Comfortable and Private Environment: We ensure your privacy and comfort throughout the screening or vaccination process.
      • Professional Consultation: Our experts explain the procedures and discuss your results and potential next steps.
      • Supportive Care: We provide guidance on preventing HPV-related health issues and support for managing any HPV-related conditions.